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The College of Arts and Humanities has evolved from the Brighton School of Art founded in 1859. 

Our College of Arts and Humanities includes two academic schools: the School of Art, Design and Media and the School of Humanities.

The college nurtures excellence in the visual and performing arts, architecture, design, art and design history, media studies, moving image and film studies, literature, languages and humanities, and provides a world-leading research environment for the arts.

Fashion has been at the heart of the city of Brighton for centuries. George IV put the city on the fashion map and set the stage for us as a centre for experimentation and creativity. Fast forward to the 1960s and the city is buzzing with that Quadraphenia spirit of rebellion and the fashion culture clash of mods and rockers.

It hasn't stopped. Brighton continues to reflect and move forward with the zeitgeist. The city is a hub for creative individuals and industries, offering diversity and a wealth of design, media and fashion businesses who are connected to the great movements and developments around the globe. When you join us you'll be part of the constant evolution of that culture, developing skills and in-depth knowledge that will help you towards your future at the centre of the contemporary fashion world.

Our Textiles with Business Studies courses prepare you to become a versatile textiles practitioner, able to work with printed, knitted or woven textiles for industry. In your second year, you will select from two distinct pathways leading to BA(Hons) or MDes. The choice is made with your tutors' help, depending on your own specific needs and interests. Our teaching team offers you expertise in research skills, concept development and the production of a specialist textile sample collection or textiles product with an application beyond fashion.




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