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Lako Buika

Lako Bukia’s signature style—inspired by minimalistic geometric shapes and the cubists—appeals to a woman searching for a new definition of beauty.

" Fashion is a hard game and you have to play to win."

Born in 1987 in the city of the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi, Lako gained entrance to the rigorous Tbilisi State Academy of Art where she took up Fashion design and Textiles. She earned extensive acclaim for her first, charmingly titled collection “Mushroom,” and was asked by the Ukrainian panel to show her work as part of both the Georgia and Kiev fashion weeks in 2009.

" Cubism is like standing at a certain point on a mountain and looking around. If you go higher, things will look different; if you go lower, again they will look different. It is a point of view."

Jacques Lipchitz

In order to continually be inspired and gain expertise in design technique, Bukia earned her second degree from the London College of Fashion. Her collections have been exhibited at Central Saint Martins in London and widely praised all over the world. Her innovative sense of fashion has lead her to work with Katie Burnett on several styling jobs in addition to having completed three internationally significant collections.

  • Lako Buika Interview

    ___ If you could design anything else other than fashion, what would it be?

    Collecting toys is one of my hobbies. I love being in hamleys and playing around. My mum always thought I would eventually connect my hobby to my work. So i guess if I was not a designer of clothes, I would definitely be a designer or the maker of the toys.

    ___ If you could dress one celebrity, who would it be?

    For me being just beautiful is not enough, you inner self matters just as much. One has to be not only beautiful but also interesting to become inspiration. That’s why i think Natalie Portman is the person I would love to dress. She is beautiful as well as an amazing actress but most importantly she has a special, intelligent character.

    ___ Whom do you consider the most stylish person in the whole world?

    I considered Audrey Hepburn at first. She was the style icon, but now it is Anna Dello Russo, the editor and creative consultant for Vogue Japan.

    ___ What will you be adding to your own wardrobe this spring?

    Hopefully I will be adding a lot of my own designed clothes; I never have time to design for myself. Hopefully this time it will happen. And of course, my favorite celine handbag.

    ___ What is your most favorite piece of clothing or accessory in your closet?

    I collect jewelry and I am in love with all the pieces I have. The reason behind my obsession I think could be the fact that I, myself, do not know how to design and make jewelry. If I had to choose my favorite peace, little ‘l’ initial is the most important one; it was gifted to me by my mother. It is a white gold charm with small diamonds that I always wear.

    ___ What is the greatest indulgent accessory every woman should have, if money was no object?

    Agent provocateur underwear.