New On The Catwalk

Ada Zandition

Zda Zanditon launched her eponymously named company in 2008 after being a finalist in ‘fashioning the future’ at the London College of Fashion. Ada made her catwalk debut in the vauxhall fashion scout’s “ones to watch” show in 2009 to enthusiastic acknowledgement.

"I am greatly inspired by modern architecture and art that has an architectural Quality. The sculptors Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley interest me specifically. I would say that the core of my style is a wearable sculpture mixed with American football influences."

Her structurally-focused collections have the added integrity of using sustainable business practices. Her ethical fashion makes her clothes doubly beautiful, and allows the wearer to be part of the solution in both making (and keeping) the world a beautiful place.

"I am influenced by my own world and imagination, concepts and research."

While a previous collection sweetly sucks inspiration out of the honey-comb, her latest collection moves toward the birthplace of the scarab. The exotic and mysterious history of Egypt’s great pyramids gives a profound thematic backbone to her “digitally printed dresses with sculptural detailing... that work from day to evening.

  • alice palmer INTervIew

    ___ if you could design anything else other than fashion, what would it be?

    i would like to design a knitted piece of architecture.

    ___what is the best lesson you have learned about fashion since you started your collec- tion?

    i’ve learned not to be influenced too much by what you see on the fashion runways these days. i’ve also learned to always keep my eyes open for new inspiration that you should never stop developing ideas if you want to create something truly unique.

    ___ which three adJectives describe your collec- tion and fashion philosophy?

    sculpting, innovative and beautiful.

    ___what personality traits do you think every fashion designer has to have to start out in this business?

    determination to succeed, a strong sense of self-belief and a lot of patience.