New On The Catwalk

Limi Feu

Limi Feu taps into her deep stores of genetically passed down talent to create clothes for her own generation. The Limi feu style is an evolved form of hybridization. Her father, Yohji Yamamoto, is a master of Japanese fashion. It is clear from limi’s innovative creativity that he has produced a more than worthy heiress to lead the new wave of avant garde designers from the east.

" As a woman, Limi designs real clothes for real women, not an ideal."


Androgyny with a formal twist and billowing beautifully executed shapes mix the old with the new. Where her father was a romantic, Limi, who took the last name Feu from the French word for “fire,” has a wilder side. She takes from her lineage the excellent skills of tailoring but raises the tempurature with rock and roll and punk.