New On The Catwalk

Matteo Thiela

Matteo Thiela was born in Milan in 1972 and currently resides in a city steeped in two worlds. Turin has all the inspiring natural beauty of surrounding mountains as well as the energy of a major industrial component. The rich history of Italian manufacturing and appreciation for beauty has always been a major factor in Matteo’s approach to design.

" Sensuality for me is like class people have inside. A dress must be art for an artist."

Working at myriad Italian fashion houses, Matteo gained expert skills at tailoring and concept design that resulted in his winning the prestigious Limoni Freshon First Prize as well as having his work exhibited at foundations across Europe.

"I would love to make people dream all around the world producing creativity and style."

Matteo’s distinctive process begins with color: he scours his favorite sources for millions of tiny pure silk threads, innately knowing which to weave together for his textiles to achieve a most unique and magical vibrancy. These threads are then cut at different lengths, uncovering different colors and exploding like fireworks and waterfalls all over to flatter the silhouette. His clothes dance in the way that they fit the body and follow its movements. The woman he designs for is both primal and sophisticated, unafraid to be herself or show her body.