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Ronald Abdala

Ronald Abdala creates elegant clothing that has become red carpet favorites for Hollywood’s most elite actresses. His pieces, which you can picture draping languidly over honeyed limbs, exude sophistication. It’s an aesthetic likely gained from a childhood frequently spent popping over to places like London, Lagos, Paris, and Beirut. In his formative late teen years Ronald fell in love with the lightness of Los Angeles. In 1996 he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing, and allowed the fresh California spirit to seep into his consciousness.

" My motto to live by is that life is a balancing a c t."

Just as ronald was about to embark on a career as a graphic designer, fate handed out another destiny. The beirut branch of French design school esmod had just opened its doors when Ronald was returning home. graduating in 2002 at the top of his class, he continued his studies at Central Saint Martins before returning home to work at Beirut’s most successful couture houses.

" I am a great believer in overdressing. I’d rather enjoy what I have on than wear a dull uniform."

Since the launch of his label in 2007, Lebanese fashion plates thank their lucky stars that this young talent pursued pattern-making instead of InDesign.

  • Ronald Abdala Interview

    ___When did you first become interested in fashion?

    It was during the 90’s era of Madonna’s “Vogue” and Deee-lite’s “Groove is in the heart.” I’ve been drawing ever since my childhood, but that was the period that sparked my interest in fashion.

    ___What is more important: clothe the female body in an artistic way, or sensualize the female?

    For me it’s about sensualizing the female body. But one doesn’t have to exclude the other. You can sensualize the female form in an artistic way.

    ___ What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory in your closet?

    My black, brown and grey clown Bottega Veneta shoes.