New On The Catwalk

Elise Øverland

Elise Øverland’s collections mix Scandinavian charm with rock and roll edge. In her youth, she aspired to be a professional slalom skier, but she has since shifted her competitive, daring spirit into sartorial undertakings.

" My inspiration is myself. How I live my life contributes to what I want to wear, and whatever suits my lifestyle is what comes out. It never changes. It’s not like I watch a science-fiction movie and then decide to make science-fiction clothes."

Interview with vh1

At parsons, she began to develop what would become her signature style of free-spirited clothing that allows for fluid movement. this aes- thetic proves to be perfect for several arenas. aerosmith handpicked her for their tour wardrobe while she was still just a student trying to ace her exams.

" I used to dress musicians that really move in the clothes... a stagnant presentation [does not] make sense."

Elise’s open-minded dedication to her work continues to keep things interesting for buyers, fashion critics and clients alike. In a recent show she mixed her passions to great effect. Johnny Weir, the fashion-loving enfant terrible of the figure-skating world, skated around models wearing “sexy but wearable” icy pastels. It was the coolest show in town by far.