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Rome is the city of Art, Cinema, and Culture and where Accademia was founded in 1964 and since then operates. Living and studying in Rome is a unique and unrepeatable experience, where creativity will be constantly nourished by the city’s history, environment and ancient atmospheres that can be felt and almost touched in every corner, street or square.
 Studying fashion and costume design in Rome is a challenging and unique experience that will open your creative talent to unimaginable worlds.

Fashion and Costume can be considered two expressions of the same art. We like to think of them as also part of Human's Culture and Nature. This is probably why society has always communicated its style through this Art as its meaningful and symbolic character. Custom and costume become the combination of the ever changing world of Fashion and the endless evolution of human life, marking the level of sensitivity of each era and culture.

We consider Costume and Fashion two essential pillars of our culture. That's why we chose to focus on both issues combining them with the surrounding worlds of design, culture, research, tradition, innovation, craftsmanship, product making shaping future professionals geared for the ever demanding industry. Favoured by a one and only opportunity offered by our exceptional location that has hosted us for the last 50 years: Rome.

The Academy has a long tradition in the system of training in the areas of Fashion and Costume, qualifying it as a centre of excellence for study and research. Our students progress to become leading figures in the fashion industry (Creative Directors, Line Managers, Senior Designer, entrepreneurs themselves) and within costume designers for large productions both at a national and internationally level.

The Academic Diploma Level I in Costume and Fashion is unique in Italy (if not in the world) where study goes hand in hand between the two areas of Fashion and Costume within the same course.

The Academic Diploma Course aims to train professionals able to respond to the needs of fashion companies and industry of cinema and theatre productions, film and television: research, style, design and production.

The structure of teaching and learning combines interact techniques and knowledge in the fields of Fashion and Costume, providing the student a cultural understanding, appreciation of style and design methodology in the areas of costume, fashion and accessories.

The course provides the student with a comprehensive plan of vocational training, acquisition of techniques and knowledge leading to a professional standard of competence.

The course is divided into theoretical and practical areas such as:

Seminars with industry experts / theory classes / work shops, laboratories / self-directed study / industry events / participation in international competitions / specialist industry visits both fashion related as well as tailors and film sets, television and theatre.

At the end of the course of the Academic Diploma Level I students currently have the opportunity to present a collection from their creative project: Final Work and the Talents of Fashion. A panel of external experts assist in the evaluation of selecting the most relevant collections, which once successfully developed and realised will show during the fashion week in Rome, Alta Roma, in front of a panel of creative directors, talent scouts, journalists and leading institutions. A student will also be given the opportunity to participate in the International Show of Graduate Fashion Week in London.

The Final Work of Costume sees the Academy produce a real theatrical experience, where students are engaged in the conception and design and creation of the costumes with the help and supervision of professionals and tutors. Professional actors wear their costumes during the staging of the show.




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