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To Long-Nam

Tô Long-Nam took up the sewing needle just seconds after mastering control of his motor-skills, which is to say he was very young when he began. But he desired more than to be a self-taught prodigy, so he attended Fashion Design School at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin-Weissensee/Germany before moving to Paris where he worked with internationally renowned top-class stylists and for Lanvin Menswear.

"A lot of things look alike, but they’re not necessarily very much alike."

Donald Judd

His immaculate creations were recognized by the fashion powers in the industry and he was nominated for Hyères’ 21st International Fashion and Photography Festival in short order. He showed his first collection here, and it was the deafening amount of positive feedback that incited him to launch his own label.

" Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it."

Yves Saint Laurent

And the intensity with which he took to that measuring tape and those push-pins so early in life shows in the typically masculine, tailored-edge that defines his award winning fabrications. The Tô Long-Nam woman looks sharp and sexy in architecturally sound yet fluid constructions.

  • Tô Long-Nam Interview

    ___What is the best lesson you have learned about fashion since you started your collection?

    Fashion is like everything else. Nowadays, first and foremost, it is after all a business.

    ___If you could dress one celebrity, who would it be?

    Monica Vitti.

    ___Who is a major style icon in your eyes?

    Kate Moss.

    ___What is your favorite color and why?

    I agree with Coco Chanel who once said that the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.