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Yotam Solomon

Yotam Solomon approaches fashion in the same way he once approached fine art school or the viola: with the dynamic talent of a virtuso.

" [fashion] is about thinking outside of the box, and working to improve every single aspect of fashion itself."

The refinement of one of Yotam’s dresses, with its powerful sense of self-expression, has all the makings of an orchestral masterpiece: the delicate beauty of the violin, the fluidity of the harp, the energy of the organ. He conducts his sartorial arrangements from a breezy studio in Los Angeles that has been his home since moving from Israel while in high school.

" We don’t just make fashion; we create it from so many different elements as it has to be meaningful."

Attending Beverly Hills High School, Yotam soaked up California youth-culture and a great casual-chic style to blend with the high classicism ideals of the aesthetic values with which he was raised. In addition to his relationship with fine art, Yotam finds inspiration and solace in nature. In honor of its fragile beauty, he recently designed a collection to raise awareness and funds for the victims of the bp oil spill in theGulf of Mexico, proving that yotam is a designer of both consummate taste and admirable awareness.

  • Yotam Solomon Interview

    ___If you could design anything else other than fashion, what would it be?

    If I could design anything else other than fashion it would be architectural structures. I recently renovated my home on sunset strip in Los Angeles. I literally took it apart and added levels which was a great deal of fun especially during the sketching and engineering period. I am also interested in designing interior products, hardware and automobiles in the future.

    ___What does the name of your label signify?

    My name is symbolic since it has different meanings. In the old testament of the Bible there is a story about Yotam who was the son of a famous Judge. As the story tells, Yotam was first and foremost a survivor; secondly, he had an incredible experience with nature and was also the youngest in his family. I can relate to all of those objectives and was certain it would be wise to have the line eponymous.

    ___What is more important: to clothe the female body in an artistic way, or sensualize the female?

    It’s all about empowering the wearer. Female or male fashion is about style which must consist of comfort, individualism and construction. tThese are the key factors.

    ___If you could dress one celebrity, who would it be?

    I was lucky enough to already work with one of my inspirations Mrs. Victoria Beckham, who is an amazing individual and truly an icon.

    ___What is the best lesson you have learned about fashion since you started your collection?

    It’s about having it all: style, design innovation, business savvy, great supporters and friends.You need everything and more to become successful in fashion.

    ___How do you feel about experimental fashion as art as compared to the fashion necessary to produce for commercial success?

    This is one of my favorite subjects as I design avantgarde fashion and live in Los Angeles. There is a lack of understanding about this issue. Fashion can be endlessly majestic, as haute fashion designers have a need to create wearable art where there is an idea behind a collection. A fashion piece can have the most divine construction and be made with exquisite materials, yet if it doesn’t symbolize anything it loses its purpose. It’s truly my goal in life to empower others and share innovation through my collections. For spring 2011 I had the privilege to design a collection inspired by the BP oil spill; the response was phenomenal, showing the people do want more than just wear a piece of clothing. For fall 2011 I decided to venture into a more infamous subject exploring the connection between drugs and our dna; along with modern living and educating others about this important issue. I hope to share and empower others with each collection as it’s truly about the message, and not less importantly sustainable ethics and great construction.