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Edward Finney

Edward Finney enrolled in a fashion course at age 18 because he reasoned that he would be the only male in a room full of females. He soon realized flirtation was just one of many talents. So he movedon to Central Saint Martins in London. Though the gender ratio evened out considerably, Edward was content—he had fallen head over heels for fashion.

" Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

Edward learned tailoring on London’s savile row before moving to paris where he worked under two of design’s most gifted geniuses: Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. He directly assisted Galliano for four grueling but invaluable years, garnering enough experience to go solo in 2010. Edward initiates his rigorous design process with research and then focuses on the most inspiring details he can find. He teases out the aesthetic integrity of each garment through a series of comprehensive sketches, experimenting with fit, color and fabric in order to create an end product that boldly yet gracefully synthesizes extremes.

" Fashion to me is a sense of expression and confidence that does not need to be heard just seen."

Edward’s impeccably tailored clothes recall enigmatic beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Mata Hari. His muses, like his clothes, radiate insouciant sex appeal and a devil-may-care attitude.

  • Edward Finney Interview

    ___ If your collection had a feeling or emotion, what would it portray?

    When i design i think of the emotions of my themes. This season was a lady that was powerful, ambitious, independent and giving.

    ___ What is the best lesson you have learned about fashion since you started your collection?

    Fashion is a business and without sales i would not survive.

    ___ What is the one sentence that describes what fashion means to you?

    Fashion to me is a sense of expression and confidence that does not need to be heard, just seen.

    ___ What statement best reflects your own philosophy to fashion?

    To make people look and feel great in the clothes i design.

    ___ What factors do you feel particularly affects young fashion designers today?

    It is important to find the correct investor that enables the young designer to grow as a viable business.