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Felder Felder

Daniela and Annette Felder are familiar faces on the british fashion circuit. The two German-born, London-based designers have earned themselves a british fashion award nomination, a cult following among a-listers and the highest caliber of retail stockists in Europe.

" We are influenced by music, nature, London, the transience of time. A bird’s-eye view of the city, laughter, the texture of fabrics, ladbroke grove and its private design studios, mad char- acters and atmosphere of creative buoyancy."

The identical twin sisters left Germany in 2002, traveling through Europe, India and America, working as models to fund their adventures. Eventually they settled in London, quickly securing internships with the hugely influential designer Robert Cary-Williams and Milliner Stephen Jones. Both men inspired them to develop their own craft at Central Saint Martins and the conception of their own line.

" Our clothes are modern, exciting and feminine because prior to embarking on the design of a seasonal collection we need to get really inspired, and absorb the giant city’s [London] volatile moods."

Right from the outset, Felder Felder made its mark in London fashion, reinvigorating early-nineties grunge and successfully repackaging it into the perfect combination of structured shapes and soft layers, but in a harder rock and roll aesthetic.