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Kilian Kerner

Prior to becoming a designer, Kilian Kerner threw his heart and soul into thespian art, following in the great tradition of german theater at drama schools in Cologne and Berlin. The expressive psychological aspects of his background have had a clear impact on his foray into the material arts.

" The best lesson Kilian learned about fashion since starting his own collection is you have to either love it or leave it.

Turning to fashion at the realization that getting into character depended on costume, Kilian finds his greatest inspirations in mood, intuition and the powerful cosmic force of kismet. His instinctually designed collections evolve each season but always captivate by revealing just the right amount of emotion. He has shown at numerous Berlin fashion weeks and his ninth collection was streamed to an international audience via, placing his profound narrative pieces at center stage.

  • Kilian Kerner Interview

    ___ Many designers today say that fashion is a kind of storytelling. If so, what story were you telling with your last collection?

    It’s a story focusing on this certain moment when you are in need of calm and tranquility. “Lie beside me” tells a story about the year 2010 in my personal environment. It’s about the joy of being in love, complete confidence and the experience of the suicide of a close, way too young friend of mine. These are those moments in which you sense yourself entirely.

    ___ Which designer from the past do you think exerted the most influence on fashion today?

    Hedi Slimane. He had great influence on a whole fashion generation and he is still reinterpreted.

    ___ Which three adjectives describe your collection and fashion philosophy?

    Sensual, self-confident, timeless.

    ___ What is the best experience you can share about your very first catwalk show?

    The whole experience was beyond words. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. In July 2008 I was presenting my collection at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week Berlin for the first time. Showing my creations in front of such a great and professional audience was very special for me.

    ___ What would you consider the most daring moment in fashion history? Who is a major style icon in your eyes?

    When it comes to the 1980’s, for me it was definitely Nena. Everywhere you looked there were little Nenas running around. Even today they speak of the typical striped Nena pants and her characteristic earrings.