New On The Catwalk


Risto has spent a life dedicated to worldly pursuits, much like his fellow Macedonian Alexander the Great. But rather than wielding force through violence, Risto’s greatest strategy could be his use of sublime fabrics.

" I never look to a muse."

Born in 1974 and brought up in a socialist state, Risto found counter-culture solace in 80’s MTV, the globally connective television network that served as Generation X’s Facebook. His attachment to this satellite is perhaps what drove him out even further into the cosmos toward the allure of celestial bodies. His first collection exploded like a supernova, literally and figuratively, on the catwalk. His dresses, super-imposed with eerie starscapes earned Risto a number of dedicated fans.

" I do not imagine women to fit my clothes but clothes to fit women."

His background has resulted in an exploration of the “East-West” balance, still very prominent in his collections to date. While maintaining a day job as the head knitwear designer at Louis Vuitton, Risto launched his own line, which can be described as “acid-chique.” Towing the line between extreme beauty and danger, Risto draws on inspirations like celestial torrents and hawk’s eyes.

  • Risto Interview

    ___Who do you consider to be the most stylish person in the whole world?

    Andy Warhol.

    ___What will you be adding to your own ward- robe this spring?

    A straw hat.

    ___What is your favorite piece of clothing or ac- cessory in your closet?

    A t-shirt from Maison Martin Margiela and my braided belt from Principe, Florence.

    ___What is the best lesson you have learned about fashion since you started your collection?

    Never launch all the ideas with the same supplier!

    ___ What designer from the past do you think exerted the most influence on fashion today?

    Martin Margiela.

    ___ What is the most unique or surprising place you have been that inspires materials or patterns?

    The archives of Mantero in Como, Italy.

    ___ What is one of your favorite fashion trends from the past?

    Casting Sauvage.