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Joanna Kulpa

Joanna Kulpa was born on a farm in a small town in rural Poland, moving to Toronto at the age of seven.As a transplant, Joanna favored playing with her newly discovered my Little Ponies or Barbies as opposed to participating in the Canadian school system.

" Her personal style can be summed up in one powerful sentence: less is more."

When she got to high school, art class was about the only thing on the curriculum she was interested in, and with good reason. Her creative talents flourished. Shortly after graduating, she found herself sewing samples for her own clothing designs on her living room floor with a team of eight contract seamstresses. The samples sold and the demand grew, and now Kulpa’s line can be seen hanging on vip shoulders.

" Joanna lives by the life philosophy that you have ‘one life, one chance."

Her line of sexy, feminine, rock and roll clothes are made with 95% natural and sustainable fabrics. Her design philosophy is to create pieces that last. Joanna’s clothes represent the new classics, with simplicity and style adapted to the modern era.

  • Joanna kulpa INTervIew

    ___when did you first become interested in fashion?

    i was about five years old in rural poland. a pond was in our backyard and in the summers we’d go play in this pond. i hand sewed a triangle bikini from my mothers scrap fabric and wore it that hot summer day. my mother was a seamstress and taught me how to sew and crochet at a very young age.

    ___ who is a maJor style icon in your eyes?

    when coco chanel came along and introduced simple dressing, wore men’s trousers and the end of the corset.

    ___ what do you think women will dress like in 100 years?

    like lady gaga!

    ___ what plays the most critical role when you design: colors, fabrics, structure, or something else?

    fabric, color and my mood.