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Jade Kang

Jade Kang studied Fine Arts and Fashion Design and cut his teeth at the top Korean fashion houses before deciding to get expansive with his fashion outlook by traveling to London. There, at London College of Fashion, he added a European sensibility to his aesthetic. The result is a blend of diversified tailoring, futuristic urban femininity and contemporary romanticism that appeals to fashionistas in every country code.

"Known in fashion circles for his wild ‘big’ hair masking a delicate ‘small’ ego this edgy designer transformed his inner rebel into an outer uptown label by unleashing his own design culture in 2007"

Finishing in 2005, Kang’s remarkable body of student work earned this young graduate the privilege to design a line for large commercial brand before going solo. Not only has his relentless talent brought him critical and commercial acclaim, he is also known for having a very rare quality in the fashion industry: modesty.

" I believe that fashion is not art. It is design. And fashion should exist in real life.

Jade’s creations express a new urban retro-futuristic imagery that harks back to the visionary aesthetic of the Dada and Surrealist photographer, Man Ray.

  • Jade Kang Interview

    ___When did you first become interested in fashion?

    I wanted to dress people to make them look beautiful, not weird or strange.

    ___ If you could design anything else other than fashion, what would it be?

    I usually get tons of inspiration from architecture when I design a collection so I would like to be an architect.

    ___ What other things inspire your collection?

    I am inspired by digital art design and summer love.

    ___ What is the one sentence that describes what fashion means to you?

    It brings challenge into my life.