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Polimoda Institute

Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing is an Italian centre of excellence, recognised worldwide for its high quality, fashion-oriented, didactic offering of programs ranging from Design & Marketing to Management and Communication, in line with industry and fashion company needs. 

Polimoda relies on a team of professors with a solid background  in the fashion industry, a team focused on providing students with a modern, updated education, always in-line with the fast changing fashion business. The Polimoda faculty provide insights into the fields of fashion design, marketing, management, branding, communication, trends, footwear and pattern design as well as research in fashion.

Founded in 1986 as part of an initiative conceived and financed by the Cities of Florence and Prato and fashion-sector trade associations, and the collaboration of the Fashion Institute of Technology from the State University of New York, Polimoda offers students impeccable professional training through highly-specialized working and research methodology. Polimoda is also a member of IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes).

Networking and ongoing interaction with fashion companies are just some of the added values offered by Polimoda through its courses and masters programs, training professionals for today’s fashion system demands. Polimoda training nurtures managerial professionals such as Brand and Communication Managers and Buyers, as well as a professional team on the creative side of the business including Art/Creative Directors, Fashion Designers, Fashion Illustrators, Fashion Stylists, Footwear & Accessories Designers etc.  

Experts are also formed in the new web-based professions (Digital Strategy Planners, Web Content Curators, and Social Media Managers) as well as those who work closest to production (Product Development Managers, Patternmakers, Samplemakers).).



    Polimoda Institute



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