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Iceland Academy Of The Arts

The role of the Iceland Academy of the Arts is to encourage progressive thinking in the arts and to stimulate innovation and development in different fields. The Academy offers education in the arts at the university level and conveys both knowledge and professionalism in the arts to Icelandic society. It operates in a global environment and measures itself against academies that excel in arts education in neighbouring countries. Three main values guide the focus and direction of the Academy in all of its work: Curiosity, understanding and courage. Curiosity prompts us to ask questions and search for new approaches, solutions and answers.

We dissect those answers and strive to understand what is foreign to us. Through understanding and training we develop the talents and skills we require. In that way we strengthen our courage to follow through on our convictions and our artistic vision. The Academy offers full time education at university level, emphasising superior instruction and training for students who have passed the strictest admission requirements. Four department faculties offer degree programmes at the Bachelor of Arts level, through different branches of study. Two departments offer a Master programme and in addition the Music Department offers a Diploma programme. The Department of Design and Architecture offers programmes leading to a BA degree through four specialisations: Architecture, Fashion Design, Visual Communication and Product Design.



    Iceland Academy Of The Arts

    11, ÞVERHOLT, 


    105, IS